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Coping with Anxiety in Early Pregnancy

coping with anxiety in early pregnancy

With my second pregnancy I was a nervous wreck in the beginning.  My first I had some normal worries, but not too bad.  This time around we had been trying to get pregnant.  I had even suffered a very early loss called a chemical pregnancy (where you pretty much just ‘start’ a few days late.)  That made me realize just how much I was ready and wanting to be expecting our second. Continue reading Coping with Anxiety in Early Pregnancy

I’m Pregnant, Now What??

I'm pregnant, Now What??
Whether you were seriously trying for a baby or not, seeing those 2 lines on a pregnancy test is usually one of the most intense moments of a woman’s life. It can be exciting, scary, unreal, and just about every other emotion you can think of.

Once you’ve gone through those first emotions you may wonder what to do next. Don’t worry I have you covered! Here is a list of things I recommend doing once you become pregnant. Continue reading I’m Pregnant, Now What??