Picking the Right Care Provider

Picking the Right Care Provider

Not every provider is right for every woman. You must do your best to choose someone who fits with your medical situation, personality, and your views on birth. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself while considering your options:

  • Do you want a midwife or Ob? Ob’s are the current tradition in our society, but midwives are gaining popularity again. There are midwives that practice in hospitals called certified nurse midwives who work in conjunction with obs. There are also midwives who attend home births called certified practical midwives.
  • Where would you like to give birth? Since not every provider works at every hospital you need to make your decision based off both your choice in provider and birthing venue. Birthing centers and home birth can also be great options. There are many hospitals in the metro Detroit area and where you choose to give birth should be given great consideration. Each hospital has their own standard procedures, room amenities, and statistics that can all greatly impact how you labor and birth. Finding the right fit is vital.
  • What are the provider’s statistics? (cesarean sections, vbac’s, episiotomy, unmedicated, vacuum, forceps, etc) Depending on how you hope to birth this can be so important. If avoiding or obtaining certain procedures matter to you, knowing their statistics will give you great insight into how they practice and how they view birth.
  • Would you prefer a man or a women to attend your birth?
  • Does the provider share your same birthing philosophy? For example: Do you value a low intervention birth? Do you want medical pain relief? Does a birth plan matter to you? Do you believe in your ability to make the right choices for your family or do you prefer to trust in your provider to make the best choices? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but finding a provider who is on the same page as you will make everything your pregnancy and birth experience more pleasant no matter the outcome.
  • How important is it to you that a particular provider be the one who is there for your delivery? Many providers work in a group and it will be a coin toss as to who is on call the day you have your baby. Even providers who offer a higher chance of being the one available can have vacations scheduled or other issues come up. Be sure to check their schedules and the way they practice. If you are in a group where there is an on call schedule would you be comfortable with any of them being there for the big day? If there is a higher guarantee that your provider will be there, do you like their back up?In the end, using a mix of information and gut instinct make the decision that you feel is best.

If at anytime things don’t feel right-SWITCH. There is nothing wrong with switching providers during your pregnancy. Better to deal with the hassle than put your’s and your baby’s health and well being into the hands of someone you do not feel completely comfortable with!

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