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One of my absolute favorite birth sites to visit is Birth Without Fear. January Harshe first began the facebook page, and then the blog, to help women know of all the different options in childbirth.

While she and her team write on many birth related topics their main focus is sharing birth stories nicely arranged into categories. Reading through others stories can be a great help when you are preparing for childbirth or are in the midst of processing your own story.

One of primary benefits to reading birth stories is to see that there are so many different variations of normal when it comes to what you will feel and experience during childbirth.  Not everyone experiences birth the same.  Not everyone has the same birth provider or venue, nor the same body or mind, so of course everyone’s experience is different.

Today we don’t tend to speak much about our birth experiences. Maybe when pregnant someone corners you to tell you their horror story, or maybe at a mom’s group after kids women will swap their tales.  Sadly we don’t tend to share this wisdom and information with women before they’re pregnant. How can we possibly be prepared to deal with something when all we know about it is a few lines from a book and Hollywood’s grossly inaccurate portrayals??

Birth Without Fear has grown so much that they now host meetups and conferences around the US.  They have birth professionals and bloggers come and speak as well as time for attendees to connect with others.  I truly hope to make it to one soon.  Please, Birth Without Fear- Come to Michigan!

By the way….If you are interested in sharing your own Southeast Michigan birth story here on Michigan Birth and Beyond, please email me at michiganbirthandbeyond at gmail dot com.  Help me show all the variations of normal that occur right here in the mitten!

Visit it here — Birth Without Fear Blog


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  1. So true, no two deliveries are alike. Women need to be informed of all of the possibilities so they can prepare themselves and not have expectations and preconceived notions of how things will pan out.

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