The Comfort of Sleep Bras

The Comfort of Sleep Bras

One of the first physical changes a woman may notice in pregnancy is breast tenderness and growth.  Even being a barely ‘A’ kinda girl it was pretty quick that walking around without support became very uncomfortable.  Running up and down the stairs braless-Ouch!!

Luckily from working at a maternity store I knew the solution!  I wasn’t far along when I bought my first sleep bra.  A sleep bra, sometimes called a light support nursing bra, is a light support cotton bra that provides some support without being as binding as a regular everyday bra.

When purchasing a sleep bra pick a size based upon your rib cage size (the number) versus your breast size (the letter.)  The cotton stretches, so it’s more about the comfort and fit of the elastic band.  They also do tend to stretch out over time, so having it be a little on the tight side can be better.

Not only can they provide comfort and support during your pregnancy, but they will be very useful after baby comes.  Whether you choose to nurse or not you will probably have some discomfort and leaking.  A sleep bra will provide comfort in support as well as a place to tuck nursing pads or comfort measures (ice packs, heat, etc.)

There is also the belief that by having support most of the time you can reduce sagging.  Women in some European countries always wear some sort of support in an effort to keep things in place ;-)

I have found that most women, including myself, become so accustomed to the support and comfort that they never want to give it up!  I am quite sure that I will always be using sleep bras even when I am way past pregnancy and nursing.

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